Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Fresh Start


I started the Mumbles five years ago and in case the radio silence wasn't a clue my dedication to it has waned in the last year and a half. In some ways it makes me sad but I'm not surprised, things change after all. My life has a new rhythm now and so it's time to acknowledge that and do something about it. 

So I'm testing out some new options for communicating. Instagram first though I won't be hashtagging anything out of spite. I might try out Tumblr too (Any one here use it? Thoughts?). Please follow along @mumbles_on_a_theme if your already social media savvy or: http://instagram.com/mumbles_on_a_theme/

We'll see how this goes! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dreams of Applesauce Danced Through Their Heads


I just scraped a glob of applesauce off the wall of my kitchen. And ate it. And I felt you should know. 

Does the five second rule apply to walls?

I've decided it does. 

Besides it was less then five seconds from the glob flying off my spoon to me eating it. I was ninja fast. 

But the true point is that you should make applesauce. Probably as soon as possible because otherwise you'll forget until it's too late and then you'll be sad and can vow all you like that you'll do it next year but we all know that's bullshit don't we. 

So do it now. That's a direct order. 

Dust off your crock pot and go find eight apples. Peel them, cut them into chunks, throw into crockpot, sprinkle with about two Tbs sugar and cinnamon, turn it on high and spend the next three hours thanking me you didn't put it on low for six because THE SMELL. Holy schnitzels. I'm pretty sure everyone in my buildng kind of hates me right now because they can only smell my homemade applesauce and can't eat it. 

I'm such an asshole. 

And it's 10:30 PM so they're going to have to fall sleep smelling this autumnal mouthwatering aroma. I'm pretty sure that line from that Christmas poem about dreaming of sugarplums came about because of the nocturnal kitchen activities of a jerk such as myself. 

You're welcome. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Silky Slop


I own my mother a serious debt of gratitude. Not only did she labor to bring me into this world but 28 years later she told me of burst tomato sauce. 

Simply pick up a pint of cherry tomatoes from the farmers market. When you get home set your pasta boiling pot on the stove with salted water. 

Put a large skillet/frying pan/medium saucepan on another burner with about 1/4 c of olive oil and set it to medium high. Wash off the tomatoes, pluck off any stems, and dump them into the oil. Wander off...

...then back in every so often to shake the tomatoes, later stir the thickening glop, and put in the pasta (about two servings worth) once their water is ready. When all of the tomatoes have burst (which is obviously a very enjoyable process. I felt applause was appropriate but I live alone.) turn the heat down and add some garlic and S&P to taste. Hopefully around the same time your pasta is done and you can pour the lightly drained pasta into the tomato pile and mix. Grab some wine, cheese to grate, and set yourself down to a truly lovely meal. 

I should note that in choosing which bowl to use to put your food in go with one you can easily lick clean. 

Because you'll be doing that. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014


It was cloudy this morning which was perfect for showing my new home. Come midday it will be so bright with light!

I love being up so high, I mostly just see sky and tree tops out my windows. And it's so quiet! Just birds and cicadas, no loud neighbors. The building was built around 1926 and is in a delightful neighborhood of shops, a European style square, and pretty old homes along tree lined streets on my walk to work.  

A little haven in the city. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

It is delicious

To be awoken from a post breakfast nap by the gentle ringing of the bells on the paletta man's cart.

I'm on a vacation...of sorts. I'm crashing (with all of my belongings) with my darling friends Cait and Lisa before moving into a new apartment in two weeks...and I'm calling it a vacation. And for the fist time on months I felt like coming here and dropping you all a line.

And for the first time in weeks I feel like cooking. I want to stuff my face with a carrot and parsley salad that drips lemony oily dressing off my chin. I want to curl slivers of pecorino on a bed of arugula and drop a silky sheet of prosciutto on top. I wan to lie on a hammock and drink something sparkling and clear.


Oh yes.

I'm on vacation. And it feels soooo delicious.

Sunday, January 19, 2014



My name is A. Sandin and I am a sushi addict.

It started innocently enough, my first California roll in college. Move on to sashimi. Then Chirashi. Friends looking to go out for dinner and I suggest sushi 97% of the time. I live in a city and I can get it on nearly every corner.

The problem is that it can add up...money wise...what was once a little occasional treat somehow turns into the dudes at the Japanese restaurant down the street recognize you.

A problem.

Enter the solution:

Sushi Bowl

Alton Brown's sushi rice, crumpled up nori, chopped avocado, strips of smoked lox, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds to finish it.

Cooking the rice takes the longest time and the smoked salmon is the most expensive part (mine was just under $7 and I get 2.5 servings out of it). There are lots of variations if you look around online, it really just depends on what you can find in your grocery store and how nervous you are about eating things when you don't actually know what they are.

I might get bored and need to go searching for the better stuff eventually, but for now this definitely takes the edge off.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Game of Adjustments

My Dad declares that baseball is a game of adjustments. Now he lumps life into that category as well and I for one agree with the good Dr.  

Work was all over the place with moving into our new space right before diving headlong into our busy season. Though I have to say spending an afternoon sanding or staining is a fantastic stress reliever!

I managed to get as prepared as possible for the post Thanksgiving rush before I headed home to Ohio for the holiday.

I love that silver grey Midwestern sky! And I tolerate the flatness until we hit the hills that mean I'm home. With quite a bit of snow too!

Dr K. played barkeep and made cocktails to kick off the holiday, which I was thankful for. Nothing like a few shots of gin to make you take a load off!

Meanwhile Miss Linda made one of our favorite holiday cookies, Grandma K's 'Russian Teacake' recipe which you may know as Mexican wedding cakes, Greek kourambiedes, or if you're Dr K Swedish nut balls.

I got off my ass to help roll them in powdered sugar, before heading back to the couch to watch Hallmark movies under the blankie.

But I did contribute for a breakfast...

....and D and I laid the table...

...and I suggested Miss Linda make Smitten's Green Bean Casserole.

I also gave the thumbs up to make this delicious slow cooked stew with fresh toppings for a lovely dinner party with dear friends.

I'm an invaluable help in the kitchen.

They'd be lost without me.

I did spend a lot of time talking Gear with Dr K.

And rocking out over new additions to our Twang/Okra Punk music collections.

Its always great to go home but I had a hard time fully relaxing knowing the chaos that awaited me once I got back to work. Don't get me wrong, it was freakishly organized and scheduled chaos and I totally kicked ass. But it was still all mine to handle so it had my total focus, pushing everything else to the back burner (that means you Mumbles).

I did make time to decorate for Christmas, bulbs, starts, trees, candles, and Dhalas. 

I have to buy candles to make up for the lack of smell, but I do love my wee tinsel tree.

It was nice to crash on my couch with a cup of cocoa to watch the snow fall in candlelight after busting ass all day. And now I can do it after not busing my ass all day! I survived (with gold star levels of awesome) my first Holidayz as Production Manager! Very few casualties and I didn't piss of Santa or any customers. Score!

I'm liking life going back to "normal", taking care of all the things I couldn't for about a month and since it's the New Year making choices about that habits to keep and which to drop for 2014. Like Dad said, life is full of adjustments. But I have to say all in all I'm very content with how things stand in my life, I just keep rollin'.